Geneva by Street - Part One

Migration of my old blog to tumblr has begun! This week I give you some photographs from the streets of Geneva. 

A few admin things: 

  1. I will try to stick to a theme for each weeks post.
  2. There will be a consistent posting schedule, every Sunday. 
  3. Let’s all have fun with this. If you guys have questions please feel free to ask. 


A New Beginning

Thus far this space has been a terminus for my instagram photos. However, I have decided to shut down my original blog on my site and will be migrating it over through weekly posts about my many adventures. Watch this space! 

Sometimes you think your path is going down one direction..and then it curves. #whereistand #minimalism #thepathforward

Leviathan on the horizon. (at English Bay Beach)

A good way to celebrate the end of term. #vancouver #boatcruise #grad (at English Bay)

Minority Report v0.5 
#siggraph2014 #futuretech #vancouver (at Siggraph 2014)

Enjoying some delicious food at Earls #foodie #igvancouver (at Earls Test Kitchen)

Lovely new addition to my bookshelf.
#murakami #bookworm

A small reward for my productivity over the last few days. A very good read if I may say. #Seconds

My day has just gotten exponentially better.

Celebration of Lights.
#beautifulbc #vancouver #fireworks (at English Bay)

That view! Wrapping up my project at Zeros 2 Heroes in #vancouver.
(at Zeros 2 Heroes)

End of term looks like this. #teamaperture (at Centre for Digital Media)

I suppose this is why I’m in BC. Sunsets like these make life amazing.
#explorebc #igvancouver #vancouver (at English Bay Beach)

Flatwhite in a jar.
I really needed this, especially after staying up late. If you are in #vancouver check out #momentocoffeehouse they be great. (at Momento Coffee House)